Spinal Decompression

If your goal is simply pain relief, rehabilitation or working toward optimal health, SPRING CREEK-COIT CHIROPRACTIC is committed to addressing your specific needs and individual health care objectives. We may provide you with options you may not have considered, or a new approach to an old problem.



Cox-Flexion Distraction Decompression Therapy is a gentle adjusting technique that can be used on the entire spine. The procedures have been developed by Dr. James M. Cox over the last 40 years due to the many efforts of researchers, and fellow chiropractic physicians. The Cox Technique is indicated for the relief of pain from disc herniations, failed back surgery syndrome, leg pain, sciatica, neck pain, arm pain, ruptured discs, spondylo-lesthesis, facet syndrome, rib subluxations, thoracic spine pain, scoliosis, slipped disc, herniated disc, low back and neck pain, spinal pain due to arthritis, and spinal stenosis. Patient with the any of the above conditions, who's condition is also complicated by a mild to moderate decreased in bone density ( also called OSTEOPENIA ) are also good candidates for this technique, when general manipulation is contraindicated.

Treatment is possible in any phase of a problem, either acute, sub-acute or chronic.

This technique is unique, adding decompression to the standard adjustment. Unique in that the table allows the doctor to provide treatment in all ranges of motion as well as axial (in the vertical plane – head to toe). For research and more information go to the web site: www.coxtechnic.com

Our clinical findings suggest Cox Flexion Decompression will create a relatively quick initial response in patients with uncomplicated problems. These patients tend to feel a sense of relief within six sessions. This relief can be demonstrated as a decrease in direct pain or a centralization of pain and/or a reduction to an ache or stiffness. Full relief will usually result in 12 - 20 sessions. All treatment plans are supported by active exercise rehabilitation.

More complicated cases such as disc herniations are evaluated on the degree of pain reduction during the early stages. Treatment in 4 weeks should result in a 50% improvement of symptoms. Spinal Stenosis cases may take up to 6 weeks, for significant improvement. Reaching a 50% improvement in pain levels indicates that the current treatment is effective and continued improvement is likely. Active Exercise Rehabilitation with more complicated cases begin at patient tolerance with Stretch and progresses to an emphasis on Strength and Endurance.

Typical Frequency is 3 sessions per week. The extent and seriousness of your symptoms will determine if more or less than 3 sessions per week should be utilized.


Spinal Decompression "TRITON DTS"

Automated Decompression traction is also available for low back, neck and wrist pain. There is some benefit to using this technique for some patients instead of the Cox Flexion Technique, such as those patients who have concurrent leg, hip or knee problems that prevent the use of the Cox Table. Triton DTS may also be used when treatment requires patient positioning to only be done lying on their back ( or supine). It may also be used during the final phases of decompression treatment to establish a steady and measurable rate of decompression to assess patient's tolerance to increasing loads and to establish stability.

This table is often used to decompress the spine following Exercise Rehabilitation during disc herniation rehabilitation or arthritis rehabilitation. After Exercise Rehabilitation, decompression encourages nutrients and fluid to be pumped back into the disc to promote healing.null

Carpal Decompression Therapy
The Triton DTS is unique in its ability to deliver a controlled and proven method of decompression therapy for the WRIST. Active Exercise Rehabilitation is concurrent and begins as patient progresses. Number of treatment sessions and frequency of visits necessary for resolution of pain are similar to spinal protocols.

Contraindications include metal hardware surgically incorporated into the wrist for reconstructive or stabilization purposes or fusion surgery when the procedure was performed less than 1 year ago.

For the Patient in Acute Pain, we may prescribe either Interferential nullTherapy, Ice, Ultrasound, High Volt, or Micro-current for treatment. Treatment protocol depends on patient's condition.

nullAs the patient progresses to "Active Care" or Exercise Rehabilitation, you receive instruction and direction throughout your rehabilitation process. Concentration is placed on strengthening "THE CORE" musculature. All Exercise Rehabilitation programs for any involved area begins at patient tolerance and progresses to improve strength and endurance.

Once rehabilitation is complete we encourage you to continue an exercise strengthening program on your own. Some conditions will require a "Supportive Care" or "Preventative Care" to maintain your progress.

Our office provides products such as pillows, braces, etc… that may be prescribes by the doctor for the benefit of the patient. These products are provided in the office for the convenience of the patient. The patient is always welcome to purchase any item recommended at any location they may prefer.

Nutritional Support is also provided to the patient when necessary. We use a wide variety of products from different sources. The primary focus on Nutritional support is to often make dietary changes. There may be occasion to support the diet with additional nutritional support. When this happens we often recommend supplements that are food based, as in "Standard Process". This manufacture has been making nutritional supplements for many years and is widely respected and used throughout the Chiropractic Profession for it's quality and unique product availability. The majority of raw ingredients for their products are grown on their organic farm land in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

What about quality, are these products analyzed for potency.Yes, Standard Process has a very sophisticated quality control lab where product potency is evaluated and regular inspection is done by the FDA.

Why use a food based nutrition supplement program? Prescription Drugs use is rising. Often there can be interaction between prescriptions and herbal products. With food based therapies, there is little chance for a drug interaction. Many of these food based therapies are patented. Selling them over the counter would not be beneficial, because it is often necessary for a healthcare professional to be able to explain the proper use of these products. Food based nutritional products are more likely to be made of nutritional ingredients readily recognized by the body, thus you can use much smaller doses to get therapeutic benefit.

Recently, Standard Process had released a food based Detoxification Program. This Detox program is a 21 day cleanse. The nice thing about this program is it is versatile. You may choose to do an intense cleanse or a mild cleanse. The program can also can be used as a weight loss program. Many doctors, including internal medicine doctors, use this product as cholesterol lowering aid for their patients.

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